The 80’s myth returns. The first "African" rally held outside the continent. Upon his return from the 1984 Dakar Rally, Renato Zocchi and his brother Guido created and developed this race until it became the official qualifying test for vehicles entering the World Rally Raid Championships, such as the Paris Dakar and The Pharaon Rally. In 1987, there were over 1,000 attendees at the rally, including car and motor-cycle participants, assistants and enthusiasts, arriving on the island to follow their heroes and share with in the camping and lunches with shepherds.
In the 2019, Adventure Riding in Collaboration with Deus Ex Machina re-proposed “The Myth” and it was an immediate success, with 130 participants divided in 2 categories: the tourists and the competitors, competing in special self-timed stages and starting from the Monza race track, where lot of motorcycle enthusiasts attended the first race.
For the second edition, we go back to the original formula: starting first with a special stage at the Malpensa motocross-track in Gallarate, then stopping in Genova for a second special stage.
Boarding a ferry in Genova to Sardinia, there will be 3 more stops awaiting, from 200 to 300 km each on a completely new track.


Two are the options for participation, a NON COMPETITIVE one “the Swank Experience”, open to all types of off-road bikes and a COMPETITIVE one, “Swank Rally”, divided into categories: R1, "enduro bikes and historic rallie bikes" registered before 31/12/1999, and "modern" - R2 : open to all maxi enduro, scrambler, and enduro specialist bikes registered after 31/12/1999. Discover more


Next to Deus will be the original team of the 80s Rally of Sardinia, led by Renato Zocchi, famous pilot of the 70s and 80s. Zocchi is an Italian motocross champion, 3rd in the world championship, winner of the Rally of the Pharaohs, 2nd in the Baja 1000 and protagonist of the Paris Dakar. In 1984 he and his brother Guido invented the Rally of Sardinia then went on to organize the Tour of Italy Automotive and other numerous successful international events.