Two are the options for participation, a NON COMPETITIVE one “the Swank Experience”, open to all types of off-road bikes and a COMPETITIVE one, “Swank Rally”, divided into categories: R1, "enduro bikes and historic rallie bikes" registered before 31/12/1999, and "modern" - R2 : open to all maxi enduro, scrambler, and enduro specialist bikes registered after 31/12/1999.

For the “Swank Experience” category is required an “FMI Member” or along with a medical license. Rider can choose to use both navigation via GPX or roadbook

For the ”Swank Rally” Category an “enduro FNM license” is required along with a medical license for agonistic activity. Riders will navigate the stages via a roadbook.

For both the category the boke must be street legal , carrying passengers is not allowed.

The stages will be divided into transfers and special tests, with time trials for lap time as well as between points, always self-timed by the rider.

There will be assistance from a support truck, a baggage transport service, agreements with selected accommodation facilities, and the inevitable Deus spirit.

The rankings

The rankings will be based on the times taken by the riders themselves. The first three overall positions will be calculated and adjusted for the year of registration of the bike. There will be a special prize in the "historical" category for those who have better interpreted the theme with motorcycles and clothing in the spirit of the legendary Rally in its golden years.